Yukari Egger

Yukari Egger (*1997 in Stans, CH) is an artist of Japanese and Swiss origin based in Basel, Switzerland.


    Bachelor of Fine Arts, FHNW HGK, Basel


    El Gran Grito, Kunsthaus Baselland
    DAFF, Film Festival Departement Architektur, ETH, Zürich 

    EAT, Offspace 161, Basel
    I HEAR A NEW WORLD!, Fondation Beyeler, Base
    BASIS 2022, HGK, Basel

    BASIS 2021, HGK, Basel

    [ort] Raum für Performance, Lucerne
    Werkschau20, HSLU, Lucerne

In her work, Yukari Egger deals with issues that question art, life and their meanigfulness. Her understanding of art and life itself are fluid. The exhaustion of temporality and being thrown back on herself in nature are recurring methods. In enduring works, the focus is always on creation as such. Ironically, the endproduct is often left to be determined by the given circumstances. By means of performance and film, works are created that do not aim to explain to the viewer but invite them to slowly ponder.